Kit Kong's Model Mansion Armour Annie
Sculpted by David Whitford
1/8th Scale WWII Pin-Up Series

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Babe, check. Machine gun, check. Tank, check...

That'll do for me!

Welcome one and all!
OK then, saw this lass on The Clubhouse scale modeling BBS and thought, "That's for me"

100 and change shelled out via the fella's eBay store and a few days later,
a 3 & 1/2lb box of resin cast goodies arrived from across the pond.

And a sharply cast lot of bits it is.

The base is a solid bit of work, front hull and sandbag lined glacis plate of an M4 Sherman tank.

Turret mantlet.

Gun barrel, side plates and machine gun muzzle.

A quick bit of push and rest dry fit fiddling about for show.

Me already likey!

So to the parts of the main event so to speak.
Arm and Thompson Sub Machine gun crisply done.

Leg and other arm.

The detail is very nice indeed.

The main part of Annie herself.

Seam lines are apparent but the pics make them look somewhat deeper than they are.
On average, i'd say about 0.5mm tops so nothing that can't be dealt with
without more than a lick of filler and give the wet sanding dept. a look in.

i've seen a whole hell of a lot worse!

Okedoke then, as an idea of what this girl looks like when she pulls herself together...
and by kind permission of Kit Kong himself...
The pics as shown on the Clubhouse.

So to the deal, assemble, paint and make look good.

Always sounds easy when you say it quickly.

We will see what occurs gang and i'll see you lot for the next update!
Go easy out there now.

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