Moebius Models Moonbus From
2001 A Space Odyssey
1/55th Scale

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Brush, airbrush, wash...

And We be A Slappin' The Paint On!

Right then gang, painting time.
First up, rear resin replacement bulkhead and cockpit side panels
pulled out, cleaned up and hit with Tamiya fine surface light grey primer.
The rear bulkhead was given a coat of Vallejo acrylic light grey.
Well the bits that will be seen were anyways.

After which, a goodly laying on of the Florymodels dark dirt wash.
Once dry then cleaned up with a spit dampened paper towel and...


Then to the interior parts proper.
Not going for the exactly pristine look for the interior here.
A smidgen of grime just for a change like.

Went with a grey and brown scheme here and why not.
Deck in Vallejo acrylic dark sea grey, bulkheads in light grey.
The what appear to be padded areas down the side of the
passenger compartment in flat earth.

Raised bars along the deck and side walls picked out in acrylic silver.
Bulkhead details done in acrylic ivory, flat black and silver.

Then came much splashing on of the dark dirt wash and clean up.

Yep, not to shabby there methinks.

On to the top interior surfaces.
All windows and light sheet bits masked up and in with the
Tamiya primer followed by airbrushed Vallejo acrylic light grey.
Once all settled, raised window frame uprights done in dark sea grey
and ceiling padding bits in flat earth.

After which, the same dirt wash lark didst happen.

Top slapped on and a quick looksee and lighting test as it were.

So all that duly sorted, in with the cockpit side panel, pilots
rear seats and seated passengers.

And that's the lot for now gang!
More to come ASAP, much fiddling about with some
44" Eagle Transporter brass work to take care of.

Oh lordy.

See thee about the hellhole people, you merry mob go easy out there now.

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