Silverstone F1 Race Track Diorama
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Page 3, oh lordy!
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One big pile of cast parts, much glue with a dab of sanding here and there...

Looks Like A Building Site Round Here

Only a bit tidier and smaller...honest!
Well, taking the uprights, span and logo boards along with some sawn down doors we go into
building the front and rear garage walls.
Which ended up summat like this...

Some cast wall parts for the in between walls and ends.

And so to slot and glue the lot together

Likewise with the second pit lane garages except using clear sheet in between the walls to save on castings.

Then both were fitted with 5mm foam board to keep them rigid and light.
Bearing in mind these would have to be transported wherever the layout goes for display.

So finishing the logo boarding surround for the secondary pit garages
and much casting of roof panels later, time for a test fit.

For info purposes, the main pit garage building will measure:
Length: 111cms Width: 39.8 cms Height: 30 cms.

Or in old money that's:
Length: 43 & 3/4" Width: 15 & 11/16th" Height: 11 & 3/4 " near as dammit.

Secondary pit garages the same but 13cms (5 & 1/8th ") in height.

Due to time constraints, in between casting, assembly and waiting for glue to dry,
I started on the framework for the Fosters Bridge.
All go round here I can tell ya!

So much gluing and faffing about to be getting on with.
Time marches on and so must I,
right out to the hellhole. Next update soonest people!

You lot go easy now.

Page 3, oh lordy!
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