Silverstone F1 Race Track Diorama
Scalextric Scale

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A wee dab of paint here and there...

Bridge Complete.

Right then gang, last bits with the Fosters bridge broohaha.
Last time we left this beastie in the raw plastic with some stuff to add.
This was duly done, clapboard and framing running up both sides of the stairs plus outer handrails.

Then some 2mm clear sheet and some thick plastic strip for the gantry footings.

So most of the construction complete.
From raw plastic to primer...

Finally, addition of 1mm thick plating to the outside then some deft brushwork and additional spraying and we get...

Well last but by no means least, some custom waterslide decals.

After some slicing up and a goodly amount of soaking, then some teeth gritting and careful faffing about we get...

We be done with this part of it!
Fortunately or unfortunately if you will,
it was at this point my best close up pic camera decided it was going to take a holiday.

This will be sorted out real soon so what backed up pics I have and
more will be appearing on an update near you very soon.
You go easy gang!

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