Moebius Models Flying Sub
1/32nd Scale

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And More Silliness To Get Through.

Howdo gang and welcome back to the hellhole.
Well when last we left this bad motor scooter it was awaiting on the pilot/crew figures.
Well happy day the time has arrived and so have they.
But first, a bit of clearing up of a few things done just after the last update.
First was to complete the wiring and power installation.
This was done and tested to my satisfaction.

Which means everything worked as advertised and nothing went 'paff' so no complaints here.
Then the whole shebang was taped together for a final fit check and no industrial grade clamps required i'm happy to say.
Unless you count masking tape as that.

Yes, I did fly it round the hellhole with accompanying jet like whistle just incase you were wondering...

So then a bit of 'stand up' business and no, not open mike night at the comedy club.
The stand parts, all two of them, were assembled and then a thought just suddenly occurred.
it's a nice Aurora type retro stand and very nicely moulded in clear so instead of the usual paint or just leaving it looking like this...

Why not something a little bit different.
So the 'design' on the base is purely a back moulded thing and the outer surface being smooth so out with the masking tape and liquid latex masking fluid.
Simply put just mask the inside sides with tape and all the recesses on the design were covered with masking fluid.
Then once all set, a few goodly dusting sprays with Plastikote glass frosting spray.
When dry all masking was removed and we get...

So that sorted, time for the top disk which the large yellow one would rest on.
Now this beastie bit a wee bit heavier than normal because of all the stuff...stuffed in it so a bit of a chunkier resting point methinks.
So after a coffee, a cough and a think, the 2mm clear plastic gets a look in.
Some sawing, wet & dry treatment and mucho gluing up later we have the result.

Aye, that'll about do it.
So before we get to test rest fitting of the FS, summat more for the base.
So out with the white decal paper, some fiddling graphics wise, a print out and varnish coats later, we have this wee thingy plastered on the outside surface.

And lady luck being on my side for once, the stand didn't break when this lump got put on it.

Not too shabby.
And now...the figures thing...
Placed an order with a terribly nice fella by the name of Drew and his mob Crow's Nest Micro Masterpieces.
You can get to the catalogue page of the site by clicking right about...HERE!!

Should open in a new window if i've done it right.
So then, a well packaged box in a box arrived and this is what was in the box...this box.

Well packed along with some scrunched up newspaper.
The obituary page of the June 8 Washington Post to be precise.

Ya think someone's trying to tell me something here?...

Anyway, Within the box with the nice label we had three small figures and a few bits in a bag.
Not forgetting the two page destructions with the all important 'this goes here, that goes there' stuff.
Fairly crisply cast parts that cleaned up with a minimum of fuss and only two air bubbles.
These got filled with a dab of filler on a toothpick and a wipe over with some MEK.
Sorted in short order.

So then the destructions are fairly clear about what to chop off and leave alone.
The only cutting needed was the chair arm supports, just shorten them a smidgen.
Like this...

So after some enamel paint pandemonium of the light silver blue grey and satin black, the basics of the Moebius kit parts were assembled.
Then the replacement arm rests were trimmed up, scrubbed up and assembled in position.

Well if I may be so bold to say, they are somewhat more accurate than the stock kit parts so that's a wee bonus.
For the detail freaks, a couple of screen caps of the FS-1 seats from the ep 'Time Bomb' which was the first appearance of the said FS-1 in the series.
This was the long launch section of the ep where Admiral Nelson and Lieutenant Haven't-got-a-line-in-this-episode first take it out for a spin.

One thing to note, seems like a change from later things, first, no radio panel on the rear wall and there are hand mikes corded to the arms on both seats.
Also from what I can see, the ladder does not reach all the way to the deck by the way Nelson seems to have to jump down a bit.

Right, trivia bit over with.

So a quick test of the Crane figure in the seat and then onward!
Namely to the fitting of the other arms and paintwork.

Worry not about the sudden appearance of holes in the back, that's for the pins to help secure our hapless heroes to their seats just for insurance like.

So then, to the figures.

Only Nelson and Crane in this one, Kowalsky wisely took some shore leave.

Well a standard paintwork done deal.
Acrylic for the flesh tones, enamels for the rest with a dab of dry brushing here and there.
the result is as follows...

Nelson looking a bit out of it and Crane with a slightly surprised expression.

That'll do for me.

So some epoxy later and finally in their seats.

So done and done, now time to put these gents where they belong.

Well have to say I rather like it.
Fit where they should do, very little fuss in the build and paint, can't argue with that!
Thanks to Drew for splendid customer service, Top banana mate!

So what is next I hear you ask?
Well I did the battery longevity test and the only thing I can say is it came up a little short.
About 70 to 90mins of good light before it started to fade down noticeably.

Anyone else I cannot speak for but to me, that's not so great.
That and also that means there's a fairly heavy draw on the 9v nicad's so something different is going to have to be done.
Cycling at that rate to depletion in that amount of time will probably blow the cells in about 10 uses and that is not an option.

i'll be getting some larger Nickel-metal hydride tagged cells and making up a couple of custom packs for this beastie.
Takes me back to my RC fiddling days and they were a giggle so no bad thing.
And that's the lot for now troops and troopettes.

Go easy until next time you merry mob!

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