Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Two Figure Build
1/7th Scale

Page 8, Last of the figure bits...for now
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It's all gold trim...

And Time To Face up To Doing The Face Ya Know.

Ah, there you are.
Well let's get to it then!

So out with the Vallejo white gold and framework I s' pose you could call it, got sorted.
With a smidgen of black wash to pick out the details to finish.
Armbands done in Vallejo rich gold.
Wrist band in Vallejo red leather and dry brushed with brass.
Rings in Vallejo red gold and wrist band on the right hand in copper.

And the skirt like thing that will eventually go on at the front, likewise painted.

And that pretty much complete's the clothing paint.

Now to the face and what I usually see as the make or break of a figure.
The eyes.
And a slight change to try something different out.
Not the thing about real eyes is that the iris and pupil area are actually pretty much a flat area.
it's just the clear cornea which makes it seem like a bump as such.
With that in mind, the iris area was flattened 'fore painting.

So in some form of order:
Flattened iris.
A shallow dip in the center of the iris to get the pupil pin pointed so to speak.
A brush on of Vallejo foundation white with just a touch of Tamiya flat blue.
A second going over with foundation white used neat.
A ring of Tamiya flat blue for the iris.
A ring of light blue inside that.
A dot of flat black for the pupil.
A line of Tamiya smoke across the top of the eye to make a slightly forced shadow for the upper eyelid.
A very thin line of thinned Vallejo carmine red around the eyelid edges.
Clean up and sharpen the eyelids with thin lines of Vallejo sunny skin tone.

None too shabby and looks good to me so outward and onward!
So final touches face wise.
Some Vallejo dark earth wash around the eye lids.
A touch of blue pastel chalk eye shadow.
Vallejo dark earth eyebrows with a light going over of base flesh tone just make than a bit less stark.
Lips in Vallejo carmine red wash then just a light going over with carmine red and foundation white mix.
Watercolour pearlescent pink and xtracrylix satin varnish mix for just a touch of lip gloss.
Finally just a touch of lip lining with some Vallejo sunny skin tone and just a touch of pastel chalk cheek blusher.

Me likey.

So to the hairdo colouring up.
Starting with a Vallejo dark earth and desert yellow coat.
Working up drybrushing fashion with desert yellow, golden yellow and ice yellow for final highlights.

And last bit, the leaf design hair thingies in Vallejo copper touched over in Vallejo red gold for just a bit of shade and shine.
Ear studs in copper and red gold also.

And that's the figure paintwork in the main done and done for Lisette.

A wee bit of straightening out on the eye shadow and a couple of final pics in the best lighting of all.
Natural daylight.

Well that's one down, one to go!.

Next update will involve Alayne so i'll see thee for that turn out very soon.

I'll see thee back in the hellhole at that time gang!.
You lot take care and go easy now.

Page 8, Last of the figure bits...for now
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