Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Two Figure Build
1/7th Scale

Page 8, Last of the figure bits...for now
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Always had a thing for green eyed brunettes...

And That's What We Gonna Have Here.

Whatho troops and troopettes!
Right then, down to the final bits of figure painting as it were.
So to giving Alayne a decent set of peepers.
Pretty much the same sort of thing as Lisette in procedure.
Pupils made slightly bigger.
Red wine colour edging to the eyes.
Whites of the eyes, iris and pupil painted.
Line of Tamiya smoke along the top.
Eyelid cleanup with sunny skin tone.
Like so...

Sorted I would Say.
Lips gone over with Vallejo carmine red with just a touch of black.
Then a smidgen of dry brushed carmine red used neat.
Some green pastel eye shadow chucked in.
And just a touch of blusher to the cheeks.

Aye, that'll about do it.
So to that rather splendid mane of hair she do got.
First coat in Vallejo black with a few drops of burnt umber mixed in.
Then some going over hard drybrush fashion with burnt umber neat.
Then a bit of burnt umber and cork dry brushed a bit softer.
Final touch over with Vallejo cork neat in a light drybrush dab or several.

Last for the face paint as such, the headband in Vallejo red gold and lightly brushed over in rich gold.

Finger nails picked out in Vallejo pale flesh.

Lastly, the bow and the hand that be a holding it.
Bow arms in Vallejo burnt umber.
Then dry brushed up with tan earth.
A last lick over with tan earth/white mix.

The grip was painted in Xtracrylix RAF dark sea grey.
Then a light drybrush in white.
The hand painting finished with going over the missed untill now thumb ring.
This was done in white gold.
Fingernails done in pale flesh.
Lastly the bow arms were given a coat of satin varnish.

And that be that for the main figure paintwork!
So the last bit for this update, the parts brought out from their hiding place.

Assembly and base painting to finish up proper next update gang so stay tuned!

You lot go easy now.

Page 8, Last of the figure bits...for now
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