Revell Movin' Out 'Big Rig' Style Chevy Van
1/16th Scale

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A bit of decal dabbling...

Getting Her Colours On.

Welcome one and all!

Okedoke then, decal application done and none too great in places but it is what it is.

A bit of corrective paintwork here and there, gloss coats done, masking ripped off, windows cleaned,
rear light covers given a couple of coats of clear red, fitted, front grille and rear bumper in place.

Final interior detail bits.

What road trip wouldn't be complete without the junk food.
Styrene core with cover printed on self adhesive label paper and the box o' Twinkies done.

Road map book.
Ever useful to know where you're going to or at least,
have a more precise estimate of how lost you are.

Same printing on self adhesive label paper for the cover,
pages done by stacking and trimming tissue paper after wrapping.

Twinkies strategically placed for the 'drive by' snack swiping.
Map book on passenger seat.

Bead curtain in place.

Rear light test look see.

Now to the tyres.
Cleaned up and tread given a sanding down to get shot of the moulding line.

The mounting this bad motor scooter to the base is an issue so that solved.

Some 3d printing took place and 4 nuggets sorted with captive nuts.
A second hole for the wiring run built in.

Holes punched it what will be the bottom for the bolt and wires.

Now these fit as per the pic and when the bolts are tightened,
it should impart a little bit of a flat area where the rubber meets the road to simulate weight.

One fitted up.

All four sorted.

Windshield wipers, steps, fuel tanks, grab handles, door handles and air cleaners fitted.

And that'll do it for this update.

More to follow so you merry mob look after yaselves out there now.

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