Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Four Figure Build
1/7th Scale

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And finally...

Ending Details.

Ok people, almost at the finish and this is a short one...unlike the last page.

Right then, the mace/scepter thingy was painted a dark silver,
then drybrushed up with ordinary silver and a bit of blackwash here and there.

Then the stone like thing in the head of it was painted with
acrylic white then worked up with coats of Tamiya clear green.
The grip was simply matt grey.

Not forgetting, matt red and a coat of acrylic gloss for her claws so to speak.

So in short, that's the figure done and for the base.
Decided to go with the box top paint job on this so...
Several coats of acrylic foundation white in the appropriate areas.

Then a swift tear round with some enamel matt black.

Then once dryish, a go round with some enamel dark grey.

A bit of drybrushing action with light grey and final areas of black and that be that thar base thingy dealt with!

And in finality, reaching for the epoxy and just slipping the pins and therefore the figure, in to place.

And that as they say is that...well almost...
You will find the completed gallery by clicking that link below
and if your bored then just a wee bit of waffle to finish.

Final Thoughts.

Well the Solarwind figures certainly live up to the quality that others have
spoken of before I got them so I add my voice to that and happily so.

Less problems than some others I have run into,
definite lack of pumice stone like castings so top marks there.
Minimal effort in the cleanup stages and a definite lack of air bubbles
in unfortunate places causing grief so that's all good.

I have no trouble recommending them on the strength of the four I have now done,
so if it's quality your after, these are it.

Cost wise in all honesty, they stack up well in relation to resin figures
of equivalent scales so maybe not dirt cheap but not expensive either.
So if you want a decent figure, well sculpted and cast and are willing to put in the
paintwork hoo-ha needed then here's four examples for ya on what's possible.

And that's quite enough out of yours truly so i'll sign off with the usual...


You people take good care of yaselves now, see thee about the hellhole soon.

Page 5...and that's all you need to know
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