Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Four Figure Build
1/7th Scale

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You know...

It's The Little Things That Make A Difference

And in this case the little things are the details.
So first up, a bit of blackwash lining to the cobra on the front of the large headpiece.

Then onto the armband and the blade she be wielding about the gaff.
Simply put, the armband was done in copper first then drybrushed with brass.

The eye of Ra type thing was picked out in lightly touched over white gold.
The sharp edged thingie was painted in enamel silver with acrylic green gold for the pommel.

Likewise green gold for the line down the blade and blackwash to outline it and the engraved detail.
Grip was just acrylic mahogany.

The other hand...thing...was painted in much the same way as the armband.
Acrylic copper base, drybrushed brass with white gold accents,
the blue and red gems were just Tamiya acrylic blue and red.

Some last wee bits of detail work to be done but for now this was left in peace and
I brush painted the rest of the white on the clothing, enamel paint this time.

This was left overnight to dry, masked and then airbrushed to get a solid white
and then shaded 'fore any of the detailing is painted on.

Speaking of which...

About half a dozen coats later we get the final white and then some
pastel chalk action of the mid blue kind and sealed with varnish.

And then much pulling off of the liquid masking.


Ok then, in order it was onto a bit of sharp lining around the edges, courtesy of some acrylic dark earth.
Then paint the gold parts of the costume, courtesy acrylic rich gold.

Then some blackwash in the appropriate places, courtesy enamel matt black.

I do got the most courteous paints around here you know.

Once that was all dry then time to whip round and clean everything up.

Which now just leaves the hair, the base and a final
once over to make sure it's a sorted...and then so will she be.

And that be that for now you merry lot so go easy gang!

Page 5...and that's all you need to know
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