Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Four Figure Build
1/7th Scale

Page 5...and that's all you need to know
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All ya need...

Is A Good Base To Start From.

And these are good bases.
Right then gang, just about sorted and ready for the base thing.
Now neither of the figures fitted quite proper into their place but that's
nothing that some epoxy and filler couldn't sort out...

So after gluing down, just applied filler and attacked with a stiff nylon brush while it was hardening.
Bit of rough brushing and stippling and the deed was done.

So cleaned up, both bases were given a wash of dark green and then the boots of both gals got painted.
Standard base colour's and much drybrushing.

At this point the final deal with Adina was to paint her arm parts and fix into place.
With very little fuss, this was a done deal.

The base work for Adina just looks like a moss patched lump of rock so...
Much drybrushing and stippling of varying shades of stone brown and green paint later...

And that is that for Adina, a fully done deal...and I still say she's got fantastic legs!!

Well then, just Lisette for base painting.
One thing I will say is this and Adina's base are certainly heaven for the drybrush merchant.
Simply put, starting with a base colour of very dark earth and working up with the stone colour's.

Then the earth and greenery, finally the tree roots and stump.
In order it went something like this.

And that as they say, was that for Lisette.

Well now, that pretty much concludes two out of four.
I now have other things to attend to so the last two lasses
will be on hold untill I can get back to them.

So that be your lot for this WiP for the time being.

For finished galleries of Adina and Lisette proper, you will find the buttons below.
Untill next time in the hellhole, you goodly lot take care and go easy.

Page 5...and that's all you need to know
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