Colonial Marines M-577 APC
1/16th Scale

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And it was written...

Thou Shalt Get This Thing Finished!

And it was so...
Welcome back to the hellhole people!
Right then, final update page coz we be about done.
So, the large green wheeled one sitting all flat and sorted so final details of the overall deal time.
First up and thanks to WAY sharper peepers than mine, one fella on the boards...
Top fella HWR MKii !...
Told me about some red writing on the Hadleys hope sign.
Well after some squinting and freeze framing I found the wee devils.
He did say it was below and to the right of the wording, well it's actually above but his placing works better in my humble opinion.
And so with tiny brush, some teeth gritting and much steadying of the hand, it was done.

That done, on to the next bit.

There's always another bloody bit isn't there...

The top turret mounting got a slight re-work, 3 pieces of larger diameter brass tube attached.
This was to make grooves around the main post to make sure the neoprene 'o' rings stayed where they are put.
It just wouldn't do for them to go pinging off and get eaten by the carpet monster.
The bane of modelers everywhere that eats the small parts that get dropped on any carpet.
Swine it is i'm tellin' ya!

Last bit for the main model, a bit of weathering sorta thing.
i made up some simulamudmuckgunk from thinned down Tamiya smoke with Fillite SG, Tamiya matt german grey and a dab of Tamiya matt black.
Chucked in a bit more thinner, shook up like the original whirling dervish and brush applied.
Slapped all over the tyres and wheel arches with a few splash dabs here and there.

Next up was the baseboard surround.
Just some stuff to make a cleaner edging.
Teak being a decent choice so a bit of slicing and gluing done to the front and sides.
Then came the switches of pushbutton type and elastictrickery plug socket.
A bit of measuring and drilling of the teak strip for the back, bits and bobs installed and wired up.
A quick continuity test and the meter bleeped only when it should have done so all's well there.
So that done, last bit to do was a smidgen of matt black paint to the bottom edges of the baseboard.
Last bit to stick on, some 'don't scratch the display shelf' foam material stuck to the underside.

Once everything had settled down, the standard four coats of wax on the wood work and a buff up.
Also on the switches, some lettering to indicate function.
That is to say 'i' for internal lighting, 'E' for external and 'S' for searchlight.


And lo, the large thing of green with guns all over it was placed where it should be.

Well that as they say is just about it build wise for this puppy.

Ah but I couldn't close this wee pic fest out with out a lighting test now could i.
You lot would be a bit put out and I wouldn't go doing a thing like that to ya.
Small black box of 12v shoved in the hole in the wall, plug inserted and switches clicked.

One little and unintended fringe benefit, the left side light on the front of the APC partially catches the HADLEYS HOPE sign.
I had wondered if it would but only after I had placed the sign and done the ground work so a bit of luck there.
Don't happen often but when it does, it's usually a good thing and this ended up being just that.

And of course, the very necessary interior shots.

And with the help of some of that nice mirror surfaced plasticard and a bit of picture flipping, we get this.

Granted normally there are some things that you just can't see but that was down to me not correctly working out viewing angles.
Never mind though, such is life as they say and I don't think it's worth removing bits now.

And that is most certainly that for this build as far as the model grunt work is concerned.
I got the okedoke from the man with only one minor change to do, that sorted so the proper gallery shoot is done.

Said gallery can be got to by a clickin' the piccie link at the bottom of this block o' waffle.

Then the inevitable but most vital crating up to get done for this things long journey across the pond.

So that's that for this WiP me fellow modeling muckas.
More hellhole happenings at a not very much later date.
I'll see you lot then so take good care of yasleves out there and as always in standard fashion...
Go easy!

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