Colonial Marines M-577 APC
1/16th Scale

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I'm back in harness...

But Only To Make A Harness For The Seats.

Here we go again gang!
Now then, the officer/commander seat and drivers seat have what appears to be one of them 5 point harness things.
So me being me, out with the plastic strip and there was much cutting/slicing/lathe work to be done.
Which was done in short order.
The center boss locking things were just run up on my lathe with a wee bit of filing work.
The buckles were cut from some 0.5mm (about 1/64th" or there about's) plasticard.
Once cut, trimmed and drilled a coat of enamel silver with just a smidgen of matt black.
Then a drybrush in ordinary silver with nowt added.

So then the straps so to speak.
Well my local craft shop came in handy here, some black paper with a nice texture to it as it happens.
This was cut into 3.75mm (about 1/6th") strips.
The ends to go through the snap buckles were trimmed back to leave a long triangular point.
Simple finishing by feeding through the buckle slot, fold and glue with PVA.
Then an extra short strip was glued on to the longer strips and then fet through the slip buckle
It all went a bit like this...

Simple but effective.
So then with a tiny drop of cyano at each end, said straps were placed in position.
The majority of the strap was given a light going over with some model railroading scenic glue just to soften slightly and conform a bit better.
Then just left the hell alone.

this is what the deal in place on both seats looks like.


So for the last bit to this page, a dry run of the interior bits so far.

And a few pics of course...

The drivers area is dark bit I think some low power LED's in that area to simulate instrument panel glow will help.
And that's that for this page people!
More on the next one...
You lot go easy now!

Page 5, more interior decorating debarclesPage 9 almost double figures ya know

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