Star Wars X-Wing Fighter
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Paintwork Pandemonium...
Part 2 Even.

Okedoke then, now the main panel work is a done deal, time for a panel line punch up.
So to speak.
Well some enamel matt black with a fair dose of thinners thrown in and black wash away!

And that mess was given an overnight leave the hell alone to sort itself out.
Come the next day, in with the thinner dampened cloth.
And there was much rubbing of X-wing parts and a smell most foul in the hellhole...

Settled and sorted there so it's all good.
Then out with the 600, 800 and 3200 grit wet & dry.
A goodly rub down in a few spots and a wee bit of scalpel blade point scrape here and there.

The small removable panels also painted and given the black wash/rubdown lark.

A bit of matt black and medium grey drybrushing and the intakes dealt with.
A strip of plasticard sorted for the upright bit in the intakes proper.

So in finality...
The brass metalwork given an airbrush going over with some Alclad II Aluminium.
Just a coat to make it a bit more silver like but keeping some of the discolouration in the brass visible.
The aluminium plate part also given a going over to protect it from oxidisation.

Sorted so last bit, a wee dab of dry brushed white here and there.

And for the main build and paint, that is about it.

Next up, a report about whether the weathering has worked.
That for the next update so see you merry lot then.
Go easy out there all o' ya!

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