Space 1999 44" Eagle Transporter
1/24th, Studio Or Thereabouts Scale

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Outward and onward!

More Pod Palaver And Other Goings On Going On.
Of Which There Have Been A Fair Bit.

Right then, passenger pod ends cleaned up with a lick of primer for a look see.

Cracks filled and sorted so primer on the whole pod top done.

Base paintwork the same as the rescue pod.
Mask, coat of white, repeat about 3 more times and rip all the masking off.

The result.

Bottom plate all sorted.
Standard car primer white over primer grey and graphite powder weathering.
Battery box and switch fitted for the door lights.

A light rubdown where required on the top with a fine sanding sponge to get shot of
any stepping in the paint due to masking.
Done and done so in with the propelling pencil for panel lines,
detail paintwork,
decals a plenty and the dirtying down for the much used look.
Bottom plate wired in and fitted.

Door lighting test of course.

On to the command module now with a smidgen of interior work.
Tamiya buff and Gunze Sangyo sandy yellow for the main paintwork,
Red, black and white for the rest.

Once done, a splash of dark wash and clean up.

Wall grilles, painted and fitted.
Overhead panels covered with some clear styrene and backed with some orange paper.

A couple of small decals required and overhead lighting in via some LED panels.

A couple of fellas for the front office required and This fella on Shapeways had the goods required.

Two ordered and arrived without fuss.

A bit of a snag here, the faceplates are not clear and no amount of polishing was going to sort it.

So a bit of deft scalpel work took care of those.
A bit of primer to show things better needed here.

Could have left them without clear visors,
decided not to.

One visor part, a bit of Aves and a cocktail stick got me what I wanted.

A hole cut in some MDF, a slip of clear styrene nailed to it..
A heat gun applied and visors push moulded.

Chest packs given the white primer treatment and a couple of seats printed up.

Decals printed up so time for paint and related faffing about to happen.

And that's on the next page so away with you and one will see you there.

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