Sovereign Replicas USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E
1/650th Scale

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A decent day and a half tinkering.

The Bottom Saucer Blues...
Well More A Blue/Gray Thing But Still...

Ok folks, just a short and sweet update here.

A bit of shouting, screamin' and gnashing of teeth later and the bottom of the saucer aztec has been done.
The masking and painting done in much the same way as the saucer top
so no need to re-waffle that lot i'd say.
Here it be with the masking and window masks removed.

Not too shabby to mine peepers so decided to remove some of the window masks from the topside too.

Okedoke then, looking the part.
Summat missing though...


Lighting test!

A bit over exposed I know, tried to set me camera best I could but
the newer one just doesn't like low light conditions and there is no
setting to do otherwise, that said here be the pics anyways, enjoy!

I like it, certainly coming together.
The lighting was powered by a 12v 1amp so still a bit underpowered as it will be running full
on with a 1.2 to 1.3 amp pack but anyways,
getting there and a good example.
A few tiny light leaks dotted about the place to bring to heel but
we'll get there in the end by fair means or foul...

Foul if that's what it takes.

Well now, the rest of the masking and painting should be a bit easier to
perpetrate as the rest of the aztec so to speak,
is a tad easier to work out.

Until next update time then,
good health,
good times,
good wishes and go easy people!

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