Sovereign Replicas USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E
1/650th Scale

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Airbrushes at the ready...

Well That Be The Bulk Of The Painting Done At Last.

Well the last stage of the major paint slinging debacle is here.

With the main painting on the saucer done.
The warp nacelles and pylons likewise so the secondary hull is the last stop on this ride.
So a medium grey was mixed up and duly applied,
masking aplenty plastered on then a light airbrushing using the
large stencil and blowing some darker grey through.

That dealt with then even more masking, this time the areas to remain the medium grey.

One change to mention here, seeing as how I would be doing some fair amount of painting I thought
I would also paint one area that a decal is provided for but I figured
why not use a bit more pin striping tape since I
was already using more than a bit of it.

It's the 'U' shape uncovered section in the middle of the pic.

All masking secured and a generous coat of the darker grey then a going over with
the large frisket and some medium grey lightly airbrushed.

Vinyl masking bits removed and some more airbrushing with both large and
small friskets and a grey/tan mix of paint applied.

The afore mentioned 'U' shape was airbrushed matt black and that completed the paint application.
Well the final job was a mass masking removal, window masks included as their job was now done.
Have to say i'm fairly happy with the result.

Ok then, last paint job will be clearing up any errors then painting the
smaller details like phaser strips and so on.

All will happen in good time and seeing as the time now is 2:38am,
me be done for this update because my pit is a callin' me..

Take care of yaselves now and go easy!

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