Sovereign Replicas USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E
1/650th Scale

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Like it says on the instructions...

Mask, Spray, Mask, Spray, Repeat As Needed.

Which is to say, several times.
Well now, time for an extract from the book of modeling, chapter 20, verse 1 to 5...

Right then folks, more than a few pics to go through but here's the painting of the warp nacelles.
Main bulk of the model wrapped and taped so off we go.
First was to mask the bits already sorted and in the approximate colour required,
that is to say, dark grey.

Duly sorted and a quick blast of medium grey all over.

That done, some more masking off with oodles of semi-random tape bits,
the 1mm and 1/2mm tape plus liquid masking gunk...

A lighter acrylic grey mix applied then, you guessed it...
some more masking off.

Two more goes like this using more tape and building up with an acrylic mixed light grey in stages and...

Well not bad but a bit too stark on the colour contrast methinks and just not looking...
busy enough for a tub the size this thing is supposed to be.
So out with more grey paint, my small and large friskets and in with the airbrush.
After which removal of all masking.

Ok, so far so good. More paintwork to be sorted here in some areas and some minor bits
of paintwork to correct but well get there in the end.
Whenever that may be.
About another week that the main paintwork on the whole model should be complete.
Then comes all that fun decaling to do...oh lordy!

Untill next update time, you lot go easy and take care of yaselves.

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