Sovereign Replicas USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E
1/650th Scale

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Wise man say..

It's The Little Things In Life Which Are Important.

Or at the very least it's the little details to be taken care of here if nowt else.

Right then then gang, first off was the placement of the last parts to attach then onto
final paintwork on the model actual.
And so, the deflector was put into position...

Rather cool methinks.
Next up, the photo etch hangar bay control room windows and impulse drive grilles...

For certain she now beginning to look the part!

And last task was to paint all the small areas and clean up the paintwork mishaps.
Some small areas I didn't have to worry about being too accurate as
the surrounding areas are covered with decals.
I also painted one or two areas that would have been covered by a decal
but I though while i'm here with a paintbrush in hand, why the hell not eh?

Well, now for some words that have been a long time in coming.......

Paintwork Complete !

Yea verily people, we are a done deal with the paint slinging,
now there be the decaling and stand to get sorted and that's for next time. But for now...

And that is most certainly it for now you merry mob!

It is on the morrow that the much thought about decaling will begin
so the lass will finally get her righteous colours on.
Still much to do,
still teeth to gnash,
still eyes to squint,
still more updates to come.

See thee for the next one folks, you lot take good care of yaselves and...
well you know what i'm gonna say so all together now...


Nicely done!

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