Salzo Battlestar Galactica
TOS Viper Fighter.
1/12th Scale 31" long

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Creeping along with the job...

So Time To Creep Up The Back Wall.
Well About Halfway Up To Be Honest But Anyways...

Greetings folks and folkettes!
Welcome to a serious session with a piccie packed pile of hellhole happenings.

Right then, let's get stuck in.
The first of the large plates to go up the back wall.
Pre-routed MDF clad with 2mm acrylic which got some scribing treatment,
styrene strip and various greeblie's.
A lot of greeblie's to be more precise.

And after the grey paint...

The from the grey came the powder shading and mucho light grey dry brushing.
Same sort of deal as the rest of this is done in.

To show the difference a bit of powder and paint can make,
here's a sort of before and after thing...


So to the second panel.
Vents a plenty here my friends!

So to begin, some styrene sheet duly hacked about
to make a couple of extractor fan housings.
A couple of greeblie's thrown in of course.

A previous goodly dig in the 'larger than average' box o' bits and bobs
produced and old PC case fan and a small chipset fan unit.
A goodly clean up and we have something to work with.

So covers to be made up for these and some grey paint flung about.

That dealt with in short order, next up...
Large grille vents!
Oh yes!!

So taking some 2mm acrylic sheet and
there was much band saw violence done unto it.
In the form of some 10 and 3mm width strips cut.

These got glued together to form the grille surrounds.
Some styrene strip didn't go amiss either.
Followed of course by the redoubtable grey primer paint.

As you can see from the last pic there's an inset part to the inside of the cover.
This is there for a reason and to continue the old school modeling vibe,
I hereby present...

This is the modern version of the stuff.
For those not completely au fait with what it is,
Go look at a Star Wars TIE fighter.
That black stuff on the huge panels either side?
That's Koolshade.

The six round vents on the top rear part of the Millennium Falcon?
Same gear.

The difference between the modern version and the true vintage stuff
used by the wagon load by Industrial Light And Magic and many others,
Is that the vintage stuff has some 21 plus louvers per inch.
This gear has about 18 per inch but more than good enough for this turnout.

So some ordinary black paper was glued down to the wall plate,
Koolshade laid down and covers glued on.

The large grilles were masked off and plenty of grey paint applied.
The extractor fan housings got the same black paper treatment then the
fan units secured in and covers glued on.

And without delay, in to the powder shading shimmy and dry brush dance.


So that done and done, time for the epoxy glue and screw down dept. to take over.
And yea, 'twas sorted in righteous fashion!
After curing there was a severe amount of pencil scratching silliness.
This was to give a final sharp line around some of the shading work.
Subtle but makes it all look a bit sharper.

After that, the bottom wall pipe got a talking to and set permanently in to place like.

Then it was time for a little stroll out side to
get some proper daylight on this thing for a halfway done photo call.
Such as it is.

And that's that for this update so far gang!
Two more plates to sort and piping to fit,
then comes the lighting fun and games.

More close encounters of the ridiculous kind to come so stay tuned people!
You goodly gang go easy out there now.

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