Polar lights USS Enterprise NCC-1701
Star Trek The Motion Picture Refit
1/350th Scale

Page 31, MORE secodnary hull sodding about!
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Yep, more of this.

Back To The Fun And Games.

Welcome back to the hellhole for this project gang,
been a while since this devil saw the light of day.
Right then! from where we were last time with the cargo bay charging about,
it's back and now for the exterior work to continue.

Now, the ...I think it's referred to as the planetary sensor array..
or as I call it, the bumpy bit on the bottom of the saucer,
needed a bit of final detail adjustment.
We left it looking a bit like this on page 2.

Now the last bit to really be dealt with is a raised ring around the dome
where it meets the flat.
The arrowed thing in the pic below.

And after a bit of plasticard slicing and dicing action, we get this...

A swift squirt of some matt grey for a fault check,
a wee bit if filling and a brisk rubdown with a wee bit of
800 grit and another blast over, we get...

Better, much better.

Okedoke then, that done as much as needs be for now,
time for some window framing...
Of the Rec deck variety.

Now here's the said windows on the hero 1701-A.

So that noted, the window top and bottom goes right up to
the grid lines around the saucer,
well on the kit they don't.
As shown by my less than deft pencil work here...

So a dab of needle filing violence later,
the plastic was reduced to the line and some 1.5mm square strip
was shown a blade and sliced up.
Said slices being duly wedged into place,
left standing slightly proud of the outer plastic.

Just a very small spot of filler here and there,
a swift going over with some 240 then 800 grit wet and dry get us this.

Okedoke, time for more fault finding grey paint to be liberally splashed about.

Not bad but the same as the rest, more to be done in surface flaw correction.

But at least some of the joints between the saucer sides are
beginning to behave themselves.

And last but by no means least, a dab of paint around the B/C deck windows
as they have been sorted size and location wise.
Also the detail at the front of this area has been
removed and it needs a surface cleanup before I replace said detail.

Well now, of course nigh all this paint will have to be removed as
I will now not be doing the exterior paintwork.
That's someone else's job so just to remind those who may have forgotten..
.which is most likely a few folks...
this WIP will end at build completion and that will be it.

Still, long way to go 'fore we get there and much
wailing and gnashing of teeth to happen so untill next update time,
Go easy my modeling muckas!

Page 31, MORE secodnary hull sodding about!
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