Polar lights USS Enterprise NCC-1701
Star Trek The Motion Picture Refit
1/350th Scale

Page 31, MORE secodnary hull sodding about!
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Now to the bits...and first up are...

The Bits That Hold Up The Bits That Make It Go.

Welcome back all!
So settle in because this is the final update page and it's a biggie!

First off, we be away with the pylons!
Okedoke then, in the matt white with masking for where I don't want the pearls to go.

Orbital Drydock masks applied for the first layer.

Long story short, two more layers of masking for the pearls,
then came the special mix acrylics for the leading edge of the pylons, the green/grey panels up the pylons,
the indents in the leading and trailing edges and finally
the inset vent/grille/whateverthehelltheyare in the top and bottom of the pylons.

And a none to successful attempt to get a shot or three of the pearl work.

Some detail paint to the fantail.

Photo etch open doors added and the DLM hangar doors fiddled about with so they
will fit over the PE ones for the open/closed doors option.

Markings applied.

Swift lighting check, as one does.

Ok, that lot sorted for now.
On to the bits that make it go places.

So working on the tops of the nacelles first.
Orbital Drydock masks for the very top bit first.

Migrating to the next bit down and own cut masking tape for this.
Yes there are masks supplied in the set but as I have said before,
matt paint, curved surfaces and the vinyl masks just don't get on with each other.

Nothing to do with the masks, it's the matt paint that's the prob but
I saw that problem coming some time back so there ya have it.

And a likewise deal for the next bit.

Pearls on curves and trying to get good pics is a bloody nuisance so switched to
black and white mode that shows up the panels a lot better.
like so...

On to the back end brickwork pattern.
Looks like this on the real deal.

Can't guarantee mine will look as good as that but here we go.

Again the OB masks left off and mucho masking tape sliced and applied.

Gold applied and masking removed.

And in B/W.

After much masking mayhem and pearlescent plastering pandemonium.

And a turn in B/W.

So that bit done it's onward with the rest to the final finish!
That's for the next update page so you merry mob go easy and i'll catch ya then.

Page 31, MORE secodnary hull sodding about!
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