Polar lights USS Enterprise NCC-1701
Star Trek The Motion Picture Refit
1/350th Scale

Page 31, MORE secodnary hull sodding about!
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More of the same...

And More Warp Nacelle Nonsense...Oh Lordy!

Howdo troops and troopettes!
Well to paraphrase the Lost In Space announcer...
"Last time as you recall, our tepidly intrepid modeler was up to no good..."
And I ain't done yet.

Right masters done with being under the RTV thing and some castings made.
Spare bits from spare kit pulled for this exercise.

Here's the rough fitting procedure.
First to hack off...
The bits not wanted and a quick file down to rid meself of the roughness.
And then put the under lip extension piece in.

That sorted and the same on the other nacelles.
Plus a test fit for one part.

So with the outside of the nacelles, some filling,
sanding, priming and scribing took place.

Then the new front nacelle parts and a test fit for the new front grille.

Now we getting somewhere.
Ok then, last bit to cover for the nacelles.
A bit needed slapping on top, it's each side of the
bussard collectors at the front...
This bit.

Easiest way to get that back undercut without too much fuss it to remove the step on top and add some 0.25mm plasticard.
First a scribed trench cut/scribed along the line in the nacelle.
Then glue in a strip of said plasticard into said trench.
Once settled and cured, fold and glue then trim to shape.

Some light putty filling in and a wee touch over with wet & dry grit paper.

Certainly not perfect but looks better in my humble opinion
and it will do for the purposes and for this wee demo.

Well lastly for this turnout,
Just a few pics of another upgrade so to speak.
Namely the main deflector housing.
The 'real deal' looks like this...

Well this called for some adjustment from the stock kit part
so a new master was made up for casting...

You know the term 'small kit of upgrade parts for builds'
is starting to get a bit beyond the 'small' now...
ah well.

Pics below are of a kit part and my reworked beastie.
Kit part is white, mine is grey.

Well it's a bit more like it should be.
And that as they say is quite enough of that for now.
Back with more fun and games later gang.
You merry lot go easy now!

Page 31, MORE secodnary hull sodding about!
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