Polar lights USS Enterprise NCC-1701
Star Trek The Motion Picture Refit
1/350th Scale

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A bit more on top.

The Extra Bits

Right then, in order to help this deal along, it's the after market parts brigade to the rescue

The following lots were ordered in from across the pond from the
Starship Modeler Store which can be found by clicking here
and Dons Light And Magic site which can be got to by clicking round about here.

All ordered, paid and arrived inside of 2 weeks so no complaints about the service.

So To Business

Well first up, some photo etched brass action courtesy of
PNT Models and bought through Starship Modeler...

Nice eh?
One fairly large fret with more fiddly bits than you can wave a tube of cyano at.
Parts for detailing the shuttle/cargo bay, the arboretum, airlocks and so on.

Also with about 50 odd scale figure silhouettes as well so can't really go wrong here.
Comes with a 4 double sided page instruction sheet pack which
happily lets you know where everything goes.

The above item was just shy of $50US postage included at the time of purchase and quality wise,
Have to rate this as an excellent buy and it will
most certainly make a worthy addition to anyone's refit model.

More on this lot as I go through assembly so stay tuned for that, meanwhile...

Ah, That Alluring Resin Smell !

On to the next box o' goodies.
This lot was two resin upgrade sets produced by Arthur Pendragon.
As an Englishman, I appreciate the name...
Duly shelled out for and slung my way from Dons Light and Magic.
First up, the cargo pods, work bees and travel pods.

Nice wee set this one and though the pics don't show it up too well,
the decal sheet is an excellent piece of work from a print/artwork perspective.
Very clean and sharp execution on the castings so overall from just the look aspect,
Very nice stuff indeed for the fiddly detail folks out there.
Comes with the pictured and nicely laid out painting/decal guide.

Money wise, they came in at about $23US or so with postage for this set so I got no complaints as to the cost.
Again more on these bits on closer inspection as I use them.

Next up is another detail set from the same outfits as mentioned above.
This set comprises a replacement for the shuttle fantail hangar doors,
a clear cast impulse engine part to replace the slightly incorrect shape of the kit part.
And four replacement parts for the...wait for it...


...that kinda techno babble deserves caps.

Comes with a neat wee decal sheet for the impulse engines.
And a good text/pictorial instruction sheet with the
very necessary and vital 'do this and stick it there' details.

Again, about the same cost plus postage and again, no complaints about that.
A decent close look at the parts and suchlike
will happen as I go along.

Well that be all for this little update.
More as time goes on and this weekend is certainly slated as
an 'in the hellhole and damn well staying there' period...
'fore real life rears it's bloody ugly head again so untill later troops, go easy!

Page 6 Pinky...YES!!

Page 31, MORE secodnary hull sodding about!
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