Polar lights USS Enterprise NCC-1701
Star Trek The Motion Picture Refit
1/350th Scale

Page 31, MORE secodnary hull sodding about!
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For landing, takeoffs and a place to put the crap.

It's A Shuttle Bay Thing Ya Know...

Rightyho then, now the fun begins with slinging some paint about.

A fairly straight forward act in three parts.
Namely, paint, decals and figures.
This is just involving the shuttle bay walls and ceiling only, the floor will come later.

Well as per what I did type in the last part,
off white for the landing/take off section and dark grey
for the rest with plenty of drybrushing inbetweeny with the help of
some specially placed white tape and a sprinkling of L'arsenal figures.

Enamels all the way here and stock decals,
closely trimmed to rid meself of excess carrier film,
now the base colour's were matt white with just a dab of light brown
for the back bit and the cargo bay and roof were
dark sea grey base with added matt white dry brushed in a severe manner.

The final going over was courtesy of bog standard acrylic flat varnish
airbrushed liberally on.

A wee bit of fiddly painting later and the catwalk crew are ready for duty.

A swift mix up of some 5min curing epoxy and...

And of course, there had to be the dry fit...
sorta goes without saying.

Last but by no means least, fitting it together.
The seams that meet walls to roof were given a decent dose
of the sticky stuff and taped to the yet to be finished deck.

Now you may notice the fantail glued to the deck and some
filler plastered over the seam.

Well the reshaping of the fantail window section is about done and
now follows some sorting out of the deck.

I have decided to paint the hangar bay floor and the portion
that lies outside the hangar doors all in one and try to make the deck as smooth as possible
and this will also assist in the light bleed stopping routine.

Again, more on this at a later date.

Well the updates to this wee bundle of laughs may not be quick in
comin' along but come along eventually they will do,
rest assured on that my friends.

Untill the next time, as always take good care of yaselves
and go easy gang!

Page 31, MORE secodnary hull sodding about!
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