Polar lights USS Enterprise NCC-1701
Star Trek The Motion Picture Refit
1/350th Scale

Page 31, MORE secodnary hull sodding about!
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Not so much the final frontier...

But It Is The Final Update!

Yes friends and friendettes, long time a coming but here it be at last.
Okedoke then, some final details to sort so let's be a gettin' to it shall we.

The nacelles sorted out and having had the living daylights filled and sanded out of them,
time to put back what got removed as it were.
In this case, some surface details.

Plasticard duly measured and hacked up, a dab or several of
sticky stuff and a lick with some wet & dry later,
The rear flat areas had the tiny lines of bumps back.
Likewise the fin thingies on the outer nacelle rear.

The final rear parts of the nacelle also got a look in here.
The raised detail on the back surface got removed in
prep for some lightly more accurate stuff to be attached.
Also to make it easier to slip them into place.
So done and installed, sorted and a brief squirt of primer to see how we a doing.

Yep, not too shabby I reckon so onward to the rest of the
stuff-to-be-put-back list.
More plasticard for the rear underside of the nacelles.
This to replace the lot that had to go in making
the join seam vanish as much as humanly possible.
Also the tiny bit of surface plating of the forward outer side.
Like so...

Some masking up and a dusting of primer to check
the front end of the nacelles.

A few surface misdemeanors to straighten up but no big deal.

So then, next task is to replace the phaser bumps.
Several small lengths of 2mm plastic rod in mini drill chuck and
there was some laying on of wet & dry grit paper to
round them off.
18 spin and slice sambas later and in
with the glue it in place gear.

Last of the photo-etch parts now.
These be the airlocks and the open shuttle/cargo bay doors.

A quick trim of the kit part bay doors and
that slips nicely over the top.

Last model part attachment job,
namely the three detail parts around the front deflector and sorted without fuss.

Last but by no means least,
a cover for the bottom of the base to close up the mess of spaghetti under there.
A sheet of 3mm MDF and six screws took care of that in a jiffy.

The extra resin casting for all the grilles at the front of
the nacelles were dug out of their hidey hole and cleaned up.

All that lot bagged up and sorted.
It will not be attached by me as i'm thinking it may save the
fella with the magic airbrush some grief in the paintwork dept.

And that as they say is that.
At least from my side of things as the paintwork proper is the province of someone else.

But as a last gasp thing, the now sorta standard crapcam
vid shoot of the whole lighting deal.
The nacelles were just plugged in and held on with tape for
this so you'll have to excuse the hanging wiring.

And there we have it in all it's LED loaded up glory
If the vid is not playing then by all means do the right click, 'Save Target As...' thing on
this here waffle.
It's just a shade over 7.5Meg in size so hopefully shouldn't take that long to download.

And that is most certainly it.
I'm done with this build and as a last note,
I still love the design of the refit Enterprise but
I hope I never have to have another go at this kit for a very long time.
The longer the better actually as six times around this barbeque is getting beyond a joke.
Way beyond it as it were.

Still it's a done thing now and I hope you have enjoyed this
turnout from the hellhole...not sure I have but such is life.

You go easy out there now people, take good care of yaselves.

Captain Slog, Stardate 210613 point

Yep, the model has returned to it's birthplace and the reasons are all explained on the next page so off ya toddle now.

Page 31, MORE secodnary hull sodding about!
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