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'Build The Millennium Falcon'
Possibly Studio Scale Model.

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Now before we get back to the hold...

i'm Going To Get A Hold Of Some Other Stuff.

Welcome back and a happy new year to one and all!

Right then, Over the Christmas and New Year period,
one has been doing a bit of Falcon fiddling as it were and here's what occurred.
All the moulded in damage and holes in the belly plates that will not be required
for the full on 'A New Hope' Falcon build got filled in with Aves and sanded flush.

I prefer to carve, grind, drill, sand and beat the crap outta them meself to replicate the damage.

But that's just me.

A bit of styrene chip detail replacement that got sanded off and a goodly scrub to remove all sanding residue.

The holes arrowed in red were not filled in as they will be plated over with sheet styrene.

Now to some more modification of parts like.
The belly plate BP-1 and the boarding ramp surround BP-13 required a little bit of a talking to.
The same detail areas that got modified on the top plate TP-1 as covered on page 6.
The raised ribs were removed and replaces with styrene strip.

Speaking of the top plates, the TP-2 plate got a final finishing with some extra greeblie stuff and what not.
Of course the primer coat to follow.

And a looksee with the TP-1 plate.

These got screwed on to the bit of top framing so done and done minus any extra detailing yet to be supplied and applied.
Looking a bit closer to the 5 footer look i'm after.

So to the gun turrets.
The top one was modded by yours truly back on the bottom end of page 9.

The greeblies had now been supplied so them plus a bit more styrene chipping happened.

The belly turret got a similar treatment and both got the primer paint pasting.

Last bit was an additional 3D printed greeblie for BP-1 that appears to exist on the 5 footer.
Printed, applied and primed.

So back to the belly plating proper out with the box o' screws and lets have at it like!

The frame all assembled and as the destructions in issue 46,
dictate four bolts screwed in to where I assume the wall mount should fit.

These are fitted to support the frame while much plastic and screws are slung at it.

The aforementioned bolts would be supplied in a later issue but I had four coach bolts of the correct thread laying about.
These got sorted with a single wind of PTFE tape so they would stay put once in place.

And now the plating palaver-a-plenty begins so outward and onward to page 13 with thee.

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