DeAgostini Part Work
'Build The Millennium Falcon'
Possibly Studio Scale Model.

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Projects like this make me think...

And You Just Know it Will End Up With
All Kinds Of Fun When I Start Thinking!

Greetings troops and troopettes, up to issue 14 so let's be about it!

i'm not going to bother with the full magazine and parts layout pics and
all that stuff anymore as others appear to be sorting that out on other build logs.

Right then, to better explain the above title thinking thingy.
I started this 24 month long lark with the plan of building mine
as the 'A New Hope' Falcon rather than the 'Empire Strikes Back' version.

Just never took to those extra forward belly landing gear boxes...

Anyway's, that plan is still in effect BUT!,
since i've been getting two of each issue for the reasons of having some spares about,
i've been finding that I may as well build two going by the more than dubious logic that
i've come this far with all these spares and no home for them to go to really.

So, i'll be doing sort of alternate builds,
one more or less 'as is' or a 'out of the box build' or 'OOB' version with only
a few little adjustments and paintwork/shading etc. where I feel necessary.

The other for a 'real deal plus with everything on it' sort of build up.

in that manner, the OOB build may give an idea what it will look like in my questionably capable hands
just using the stuff that comes in the weekly issues.
With that in mind, we will start by focusing on the bog standard things going on.
The next stage will be much the same parts with me having a serious muck about with the bits and bobs,
my own additional details/paint and aftermarket stuff which will get used
in this possibly VERY long running saga.

First up some assembly of the hull frames.
No big deal when following the instructions and codes for the frame parts are on the castings so from the beginning,
we have the starting frame work for the top starboard docking tube.

The screws are a bit fiddly but a magnetic head screwdriver like the one supplied or one of your
own tools if you have one will certainly help.
The said framework assembled going by the instructions in the second and fourth issues of the magazine.

Rather a strong bit of kit and seems to self align very nicely.

The first supplied hull plating part in position and it fits very snugly with little effort.

This part held on with eight self taping screws and as solid as a rock when done.

Leaping madly ahead to the issue 12 assembly instructions for the underside framework parts
currently in my grubby and not so little mitts.

And with one set of the supplied so far hull plating just slotted in to the
appropriate places on said frame.
No screws used at this time as the instructions say not to.

Now here's a shot of both sets that I have so far.

Now here's one issue that some people have and with hand on heart, I truly can't say I blame 'em.
Not everyone is a modeler as such and some folks just want to build this
as it comes without the ridiculous levels that an idiot such as me goes to.

The plates have a variance in colour due to the factory applied shading wash used
and this will seem to point to an almost 'patch work quilt' effect in the overall colour
of what the finished Falcon will end up like.

Sometimes us modelers have to remind ourselves that some people are
not of our ilk and have never painted a model.

in looking at some part works, the painting thing is not a required thing and fair enough.
This however may well be something some folks who have never attempted this kind of paint slinging
will have top look in to if they don't like the overall finish
and decide they may have to paint it to even out the overall surface colour.
Thankfully help is at hand on certain forums such as
The Official Build The Millennium Falcon Forum
so a goodly search there and other modeling sites may help those folks along.

Back on track now and onward with the parts for the cargo hold.

First up is the bunk and the seating back parts...these.

Going by the destructions, assembly of the bunk done in short order.

The rear seating part was going to need some paintwork particularly with that switch panel doodad that runs around the edge.

So in order:
Clean part with alcohol wipe,
paint part overall in auto grey primer,
mask area and paint with Vallejo acrylic dark grey,
dry brush in white then pick out the odd spot in Tamiya clear colour's,
remove mask, clean up and coat the lot in Vallejo acrylic matt varnish rattle can applied.

As sorted as needs be for now.

Attacking the hold flooring now and left the part in the raw plastic colour.
A coat of matt varnish and in with the Promodeller dark dirt wash,
let dry and wiped with a spit dampened cloth,
final varnish coat and done.

Now to the seating stuff.
The parts on the sprue have a dirt wash already applied
and not lightly either though this probably varies from the stuff you may have.

A serious wipe with an alcohol soaked rag sorted that out.

Now the seats got removed from the sprue and cleaned up.
The moulding seams got removed from the bottom cushion part and with the edge cutting part of a needle file,
the insets lines between the cushion parts got squared away.
Done ones to the left, not done to the right in the following piccie.

Same kinda deal with the seat backs filed out and just a slight rounding to the back top edge.
Done one to the left, not done to the right.

Seating then assembled on it's base with the last two missing the backs as is more or less proper.
Then the whole deal given a dry brush in acrylic ivory
and a wash of whole with a dab of sand colour wash mixed in.
The pic below has been colour adjusted to a degree to try and better relate
the colour it is to the naked eye.
The camera kinda washes the subtle off white shade out a bit too much.

The bunk fitted in to it's proper place.

One of the wall parts now and the entry way surround parts as they be.

The ring that holds the cushions has some ejector moulding pin marks on one side but not a big deal.

Small pads removed from sprue and cleaned up.
A dab or several of MEK did the gluing thing quite nicely.

The parts test fitted in to place.

So to paintwork.
Again with the alcohol wipe and auto grey primer,
surround and detail parts glued on and relevant paintwork/shading done
with washes and pastel chalks then a final coat of varnish to seal.

Finally for this page, parts done so far placed where they should be
with the required screw and glue dept. getting a look in.

Not looking too shabby so far for an evenings work,
away to page 8 with ya and i'll see you there!

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