Polarlights Enterprise 1701-A Refit
1/350th Scale

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Lights To The Front, Back, Left, Right...All Over The Shop Really.

Okedoke then, one look at a lightbox...even if it is elliptical in shape 'fore any smart alec says summat.

Just three 5mm LED's wired up, given the fogging treatment and secured with some epoxy putty.
This type of putty is the stick type.
You just cut what you need off the stick, knead briskly untill you have a uniform colour and apply where needed.
Cures in about 5 mins so no problem.

Next to the foil cutout for the approximate shape...

...place lightbox in position and secure with mucho foil tape and more epoxy putty.
This type being the 2 part tube stuff that is a bit more liquid than the stick type so good for
covering them little gaps and sorting the light bleed...

...a test for good measure and all seems well.

Now The Headlights, They Were Another Sight...

So onward to sorting the two spotlights at the front of the nacelles.
Very little to sort out really, just wired up four 3mm LED's, then plastered some foil tape bits around the area
and heavy on the silver paint around the hole.

A dab of the epoxy stick putty around the led and fit in position, more putty to cover and then trim excess away once cured.

Testing the outer nacelle side for light leaks, none found except where there should be.

Ditto for the inner nacelle side.

All seems to be working out well so that part squared and sorted. Onward folks and folkettes!

The LED's added for the tail end strobes, a goodly bit of soldering, some masking tape to hold things together,
a fair amount of glue and an overnight rest later the nacelles were finally put together.
A full on light power test and a look at any possible light leaks.

Main lights look okedoke and a quick check for the two front lights.

And of course not forgetting the now contractual 'in the dark' shot. Not too shabby on the leakage issue so that main bit sorted.

And that be that for this wee update but thankfully the weekend is almost upon us again so more later.
Go easy you merry lot!

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