Polarlights Enterprise 1701-A Refit
1/350th Scale

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Lotsa Pretty Lights

Mucho soldering up but here's the wired and ready to go light bar for the forward upper saucer 'spotlight'

Bright ain't it. Now some may call this a bit of overkill on the top saucer lighting but
there is a reason and if you'll pardon the waffle, it's like this.

The lower saucer is shaded by the physical size of the saucer itself so the lighting is bright enough
to show the spots and offset the paintwork so it will still show up,
the top saucer doesn't have the luxury of shade and ambient light hits it from all
around so it has to be brighter because of this.

In keeping with my 'seeing it fully lit in ambient light indoors without standing about in the dark' idea
this is how i've set it up. Whether it all works out or not remains to be seen.

Just a quick and easy setup for the bridge spotlights and two 5mm LED's to chuck some more light about for the B/C deck windows.

Light bar and spotlight/whathaveyou lighting installed and wired up.

We Got The Interior Makeover Team Arriving Soon...

Onward with the VIP lounge part. A bit of cleaning up, getting rid of the push out marks and so on.

Added some backs to the seating at the font, a basic paint job and pretty much done for the colouring.
Decided to replace the garden areas a bit, just removed the moulded detail and put in the 4 wire spikes.
These will be just trees or large bushes if you will.

To make up said shrubbery, I took a small cutting of some flock like paper.
It seems to have a foam like quality so it just tore off a few small lumps and slotted it over the wire.

Nowt spectacular is really needed as most of the area is hard to see once the windows are in. Looks the part as such so on with the next bit.

A bit of tarting up, some 1/350th l'arsenal figures painted then placed, some back wall decoration and sorted this one be.

Time To Wedge It All Into Place.

Ok then, VIP lounge foil backed and glued in then lighting attached.
This was 4 3mm LED's placed at the sides and pointed upwards so the foil would bounce the light around.
3 5mm LED's facing back to light the rear spot under the lounge window.
All lights given one last coat of the fogging paint, thinned Tamiya flat base.
Then a thin piece of clear plastic sheet was given the same fogging treatment then placed
in front of the light bar and rear LED's.

Once that was done the same deal as the lower saucer was perpetrated with a cover made from thin plasticard and foil tape laid over.
All lighting insulated then the cover taped into place.

About this time it was due a full power lighting test, 'ere's the result in the hellhole with the lights on...

And of course, with the lights off. These pics were taken about 5pm so not midday sunlight but not in the dark either.

I think that pretty much looks like what I am going for so a hooray for our side I think.

VIP Lounge seems to light up nicely too.

Well all in all a fairly successful couple o' days so i'm going to award myself a coffee and a 5 minute pleased
with myself for pulling it off so far period and i'll catch you goodly folks on the next update.
Go easy and take care gang.

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