Polarlights Enterprise 1701-A Refit
1/350th Scale

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Arboretum Agendas

While the secondary hull and warp nacelle/pylon joins are setting it's time do a wee bit of gardening.

Now then, the two main parts for the arboretum are like this.
Decent parts in their own way but some re-working here and there won't go amiss.

In short order, all of the moulded vegetation was removed, a section was cut to hide the stand tube
and some detail was added to the walls courtesy of some 5thou plasticard.

Next up, some pins were needed to make up the bushes/trees so reaching into the small pot where I kept the
off cuts from the legs of the LED's i'd trimmed off and with a cut or two and a
dab of cyano, the deed was done.

After all that hoo-ha, out with the airbrush and a goodly coat of Tamiya desert yellow duly applied.

Varying colours of green hand painted and dry brushed on.

Around the base of each pin I just brushed on some PVA white glue and sprinkled some fine grit bought from the local pet shop
then using the same lark that made the shrubberies in the VIP lounge,
the trees and bushes were sorted.
The water was light blue enamel with a coat of Tamiya clear blue just slapped on top.

Some PVA with acrylic matt varnish pasted on the end walls and some more of that fine grit just sprinkled over.

A small herd of them rather good L'arsenal figures bought into play, just simply painted then positioned.

Now to that thar roof panel.
The kit part is good but I just couldn't be bothered with all that fine detail and making it light proof at the same time.
So in my usual fashion, I binned that and made a simpler one.

Just a lump of 2mm clear styrene cut to shape, lightly sanded with some 1200 grit wet and dry, some thin strips of foil tape,
airbrushed some clear blue on the top side and done.

Just placed on top and a quick glance over to check how it all looks.

Trimmed up, foiled up and just about ready for placement I believe.

Well you merry people, that be yer lot for this round of fun, sun and suffering in the hellhole so stay tuned gang and go easy!

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