Polarlights Enterprise 1701-A Refit
1/350th Scale

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It's The Little Details Ya Know...

Righty ho then gang !, time to take care of them wee details so here we jolly well go....

Firstly, da bridge and B/C decks...yeah,
I know the colours ain't quite right or not canon.

Well I will re-paint them later to stop the moaning out there in message board land.


Then to the impulse crystal

A quick and rough run round the shield grid lines on the saucer edge with a pencil,
must 'ave taken about an inch off the length of said pencil
with constant re-sharpening.

From that fun to the RCS thruster parts on the saucer.

Likewise for the ones on the back end of the nacelles

A swift check to see how the VIP lounge and arboretum are looking,
a bit of window surround clean up here I think but not so shabby.

Not forgetting some now fully expected 'in the dark' shots.

A wee dab of the Tamiya clear red on the shuttle bay control room windows.

Now to the deflector and strongback malarkey.
Just really used a base colour mix, namely Tamiya acrylic gloss white with matt varnish and
added several drops of Tamiya clear blue added for each stage.

Just added more drops of blue at each step and that's the base paint pattern a done deal...
the whole thing helped along with some frisket and a few yards of masking tape as well of course.

The inevitable lighting check, goes without saying really...

And of course, the 'in the dark' stuff.

Well still a whole lot more to be done but that's for another day, like tomorrow I do belive.
There will be more hellhole happenings soon folks so you lot take care and go easy.

See ya for the next round o' refit ramblings !

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